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Currently May!

Hello Friends! Time to dust off this blog and get back to sharing information that can help teachers in their classrooms.


Currently January 2016: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! To celebrate, I am linking up with Oh Boy! Farley to ring in the new year!


Where have I been?

I was getting married!

This summer has been a true whirlwind! I worked all summer training new teachers, attended the TPT conference in Vegas, got married, honeymooned in Jamaica, and then returned to an office move and job transition! Whooo! I am glad to finally be a Mrs. and back to focusing on my other love, creation and helping teachers :)


Top Ten Reasons I Became a Teacher

Linking up with Terry's Teaching Tidbits  for Top 10 Reasons I Became a Teacher

10. Make a difference before there was a problem
In college,  I majored in political science, sociology, and international studies with the aim of becoming an international attorney (whatever that is). I really was focusing on it because it sounded good and from a young age, people told me I was smart, so therefore,  I should be a lawyer. I was working in Chicago on an internship was struck by how all the work I was doing was focused on helping people after the fact. They were already in trouble by the time I could help them. Even though that is important, I really didn't derive a lot of joy from arguing and helping people after the fact. I really wanted to make sure they had great lives and avoided legal issues all together.

9. I had a way to become a teacher
My junior year of college, I learned about Teach for America. I was intrigued because it provided an alternative route to become a teacher. Without this program, I don't believe I would have come into teaching at the elementary level. At the time, I had an offer to pursue a sociology PhD program. I might have gone on to teach at a university, but not elementary, which is my jam :)

8. Give me real life experience
I was torn between the PhD program and Teach For America. I honestly didn't feel comfortable writing and researching society when I hadn't even paid any rent, and had come from a comfortable lifestyle. I knew I needed more life experience and nothing is more real than teaching.

7. To be a mentor/role model
Growing up, I was always felt a desire to help my people. It always bothered me to read statistics about Black people and see they were always at the bottom of all statistics and measures. I came from a two parent home with college educated parents who enjoyed reading and having discussions. I had

6. Join a network of teachers
I really appreciated joining Teach for America because of the network and support I would receive during the training. I was placed in the Mississippi Delta region, where schools are very far between and it was nice to be able to feel like a part of a bigger network, with a lot of resources to help support me in being a teacher.

5. I come from a family of teachers
My grandmother was a teacher in Manning, S.C. I was always proud of being her granddaughter and of her accomplishments. She received her Masters in Education back in the 1950s and was the assistant principal in her school. I just loved her so much and loved going to her house. Her sisters were teachers as well and Aunt Debbie, my mother's sister, is a first grade teacher in North Carolina. Guess teaching and education is in my blood :)

4. I love learning
I have always loved learning. In elementary school, instead of playing outside like a normal kid, I would go to the librarian and help her put the books back on the shelves. When I finished, I would read books under the tables. I just plain love school. Teaching is like being in school forever, but much more fun.

3. I love teaching others
I was always helping others to learn or work on products. I tutored elementary students while I was in high school and mentored a group of girls through my sorority. I love seeing the light bulb go on and knowing that I made a difference in someone's life.

2. To make fun and creative activities
I love creating things! Cute things! I love the creativity that teaching brings. I get so much joy and enthusiasm from the material, lessons, and the kids. Creating and helping others learn is my happy place :)

1. The kids
I love their faces, their hugs, and their spirits. They just make me happy!

Why did you become a teacher?


Snowed In!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Because anything is better than ice. This is my current situation. Schools here are closed for the week and we had the "option" of going into work today. As much as I need to go in, I don't think my little car will make it, especially since honey's car got stuck on the ice yesterday. I also wouldn't want to take Papaya out on these slippery road, no matter where I was going. It started snowing which made it even worse because there is a layer of snow on top of the layer of ice from yesterday. Hopefully, I can get to work tomorrow :)

What do you do on a snow day? Let me know!


Have a Wonderful Break!

Miss Kanaya all ready for Christmas Break

Hope you enjoy yours!

Happy Holidays
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Followers Envy Rears its Ugly Head

Being new to TPT, it's hard to know what matters. Is it the ratings? The number of followers you have? The visual appeal of your products?

I think that they all matter, but the hardest one for me to conceptualize is the followers. While I would want to ask for followers, just to increase the awareness of my products, being a follower actually seems like a major commitment. Once you follow someone, you are committing yourself to receiving constant updates and reminder emails about their products.

When I first joined, I went to the seller's forum and followed a couple of stores under the follow for follow boards. For the ones that I did join, I really did like the quality of the work they produce and the attractiveness of their covers. On the negative side, I found it to be intimidating from my seller's point of view. I found myself being critical of my work in comparison and (mildly) depressed over the quality of my covers. You know the voice you can't stop. It's not good enough. Look how great hers is. How is she posting so many? Work harder. Do better. Blah blah blah.

I had a long talk with my mentor about these thoughts and feelings, and she told me to look at as a blessing. I am part of a wonderful community of educators who are sharing our work to help others. I know my purpose is to help develop teachers' skills in teaching and aid them in their instructions.

As I did a couple of woo sahs, I calmed myself and remembered that the only person I really need to please is me. If I like it and think others will too, then I should just accept that as affirmation. I wouldn't have the need and desire to create these products if I wasn't meant for me and a part of my path.

At the end of the day, I am so happy for my 6 followers and the stores I follow. This whole thing is one step in process that I just have to keep working towards. (Deep breath out).

Now, (peeking around for others who have encountered the the same green eyed monster), how have you dealt with follower envy?

Please share because I am sure (or at least I hope...) that I am not alone! LOL.

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