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Stop, Swap, and Roll: Bloom's for Younger Readers by Learning to be Awesome

Happy Saturday! I am so happy to link up with Jungle Learners for this months Stop, Swap, and Roll!

 I loved partnering with Learning to be Awesome! She is linked up all the way from New Zealand!

Learning to be Awesome

I was so happy to review this fabulous set of cards!

I really how well the cards incorporated Bloom's Taxonomy. As I have been working with this after school program, I have noticed how much my students need to engage with text through the use of meaningful questions. I am always encouraging our tutors to ask open ended questions that will put more of the cognitive load on the students. I have given them sheets, sample questions, and modeled lessons with mixed results. They take to it well at first, but without continuous support, some tutors in the past slipped back into their old habits. Enter these cards!

I also loved her color coding of the cards! When I printed them originally, they fit four to a page and were the perfect size to add to my teacher kit.
They were so great when planning the lesson and selecting which cards I would be using. She included an asterisk on all of the cards that needed more prep. So helpful!

Below is a picture of the student cards I made. I wanted students to be able to use the cards BUT I didn't have enough card stock  or ink to make a set for each one of the kids. Instead, I printed them on colored card stock and fit 4 pages on 1 page. All I had to do then was cut them out, hole punch them, and place them on a ring (my favorite teacher item!).

I loved, loved, loved this swap! One of my site coordinators loved how cute they were and how the students got to choose what questions they answered. I would have the students answer a question from each set of blooms to fully test their comprehension.

Follow the link below to get a FREE copy of these cards!

2nd Grade-3rd Grade

Code for 4th-5th Grade

Five for Friday: An Orange Tree

Happy Friday! Time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

 Of course Papaya! :)
After church, we went to the farmer's market and found the most beautiful gardens!

We bought an orange tree and two strawberry plants!!! Makes a welcome addition to my blueberry bush and onion plant :) 

I have the best sweetie ever. He ran to the store to pick up formula for Papaya and asked me what I needed. I mentioned razors but said I would go myself later in the week and pick up some other things. He said okay and then headed to the store.
He came back with this!!! 

The correct package and colors lol. My honey is very observant and considerate! It really is the smallest things that count :)

Going to see a play with my coworker. I plan on taking Papaya so it should be interesting :)

I finally finished uploading my Fry Word Units! Time to find my next project!

And Now the Friday Freebie! I made these sheets a few months ago as a part of a spy themed place value unit for our kids. Thought I would share!

 Click to Download the Freebie!


Five for Friday: Great Teaching! AND FREEBIE!

Yay Friday! Linking up with Doodlebug Teaching!

Great teaching in action! I was honestly amazed with this intervention lesson (AND THE AMAZING TEACHER WHO LED IT). We have been working together to incorporate critical literacy in her instruction and it was fantastic. One of her groups studied The Big Lie, a tale about Jewish people from Poland being shipped to Auschwitz. The students made deep connections with the text and were able to voice the questions that they would have. Her other group, pictured here, learned about water conversation and the drought in California and wrote letters to governor of California. She is truly an amazing teacher and I loved the depth of her lessons! Her teaching is an example of the out of school learning experiences I hope to create for students in the near future. 

I love seeing students learn and work with the materials I create. I had the opportunity to work with a first grade group to try my Fry Word Unit and they loved it. :) Just seeing them master the sheets made my heart happy. 

 I love organizational tools! It took me 6 tries to get it printed but I got it done! Turns out one of the fonts couldn't be read b the printer, even when I turned it into a PDF. I needed a schedule to keep up with my blog posts. I love the encouragements on ech page, both mental and spiritual.
 So pumped to be a part of a resource exchange! Here is a teaser for the awesomeness that will be explored here next week!
 I love sharing tips/knowledge/learning with others. As soon as I figure anything out, I'm sharing it with others to help save them time. Check out some tips for creating TPT units.

And now for the Friday Freebie!
A sample from my Middle School Unit! so excited! I am now finishing up the cover pages and terms of use! Should be a busy weekend! I update the links to the unit when it's completed :)


Teacher Feature Tuesdays: Heather from My Life At The Pencil Sharpener!

Congrats to Heather from My Life At The Pencil Sharpner for being the Teacher Feature of the week. I loved her theme (because I did spend my teaching life at the pencil sharpener, thinking about pencils, picking up pencils, hating pencils, etc) and the great advice that she has for new TPTers and teachers.

1. How long have you been TPT'ing?

I have been on TpT for just over a year as a seller. As a buyer I have been on TpT for at least 5 years! I love this community!

2. What's is your most helpful advice for new TPTers?

My most helpful advice for new TpT sellers is to begin to network with other sellers and members of the TpT community on the forum. They have so much knowledge and are so helpful! I have learned so much from experienced sellers who are kind enough to share their wisdom!

3. What is your most helpful advice for beginning teachers?

My best advice for beginner teachers would be to always remember why you decided to become a teacher. There will be plenty of rough days, but it is important to focus on the positive. I always keep a complimentary note or two from parents or students in my top desk drawer. When I am having a bad day I just open the drawer and read this note. I am instantly reminded of why our jobs are so important!

Any additional tips?

Don't be afraid to look to others for lesson plan ideas and resources. There are only so many hours in a day so plan what you feel most confident in and don't hesitate to look for ideas from others on great sites such as TpT and other teacher blogs!

Product Feature

I love anything detective or mystery related! This unit about mystery word problems looks absolutely fantastic! It focuses on multiplication, division and multi-step problems that students need to master!

Click here to get it for your very own!


Five for Friday: Feeling Productive!

I love Friday! So glad to link up with Doodlebugs Teaching to celebrate the end of another glorious week!

 My Papaya as always!
Look who has a new tooth coming in! That's two :)

I completed my latest blog post on how I organize my planning for my TPT units. It was certainly an undertaking with all of the pictures, links, posting to pinterest, and formatting, but overall I'm happy with it. I felt like I was stepping out on faith to use my blog to better support teachers in the classroom. I almost let fear and doubt creep in, but my faith and deep belief that supporting teachers is my purpose on Earth, I went ahead and pressed post :).

I'm so happy I finished this freebie of reading comprehension rings! Everyone loved them so I just wanted to share #happydance :)

I also love Fridays because I can plan for my next units. Sigh #love. Moving on from Fry words on to Middle School Vocab. I really know creating games and activities is where my passion and purpose align.

It's Watchathon Week! 

This will probably hamper my productivity but I refuse to let it. I intend to watch Forever, Grimm, and Dig all day as I work. I have a conference for my summer teaching job all weekend, so this is my one opportunity to work/loaf/work in that order :)

How is your Friday?

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